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At 1Winslot Trusted online casino Malaysia, we have two major fishing online game providers. They are JILI Fishing and Acewin Fishing. Both games offer their very own fishing game experience respectively. Besides making money, players will definitely have a great time playing in these well-known online casino fishing games. Catch every single fish by aiming and shooting your power nets in order to achieve the highest rewards. Here the chance to experience a true-to-life fishing even not going out to outdoor.

JILI Fishing is an online fish hunting game with no reel. JILI intends to bring its players on a tour deep down the bottom of the ocean. The in-game graphics are nothing short of magnificent. The crystal clear water, beautiful reflections of sunlight, lively real-looking fishes and the outstretched green plants are just fantastic. Besides that, players can start earning massive money and prizes while enjoying and experiencing the beauty of the ocean. The overall effect of this JILI Fishing is just beyond awesome. Play JILI Fishing now and stand a chance to hit the giant jackpot!

Acewin Fishing is a fishing-inspired game that gives its players a chance to explore the deep blue sea while earning massive money prizes. On top of that, players are able to encounter many different species of fishes. Whenever a fish is caught, its name would be shown on screen. Similar to any other Acewin games, players have the option to play Acewin Fishing games in either real money mode or play for fun mode. With the play for fun mode available, players can take full advantage of this to study and get used to the mechanics and pattern of the game before playing in real money mode. Join Acewin Fishing today and you might be the next king of fishing.

Start fishing at 1winslot now! 

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Over the past few years, fishing games have become one of the most popular online gambling, arcade games in an online casino. One of the reasons why the fishing game has been so popular is due to its interesting and attractive in-game experience with beautiful interfaces of the deep seas. Whenever players enter the fishing games, they will instantly be connected to the beautiful underwater world where the giant jackpot prize awaits to be won.

Fishing games have paved a new trend and era for players as there is no casino reels or such to be involved. No idea on how to play fishing games at 1winslot? Fret not as we got you covered. It’s as simple as picking a gun of your choice and start shooting the fishes. Get a high stake and you will stand a chance to kill the big fish in order to take a shot at the giant jackpot prizes.


First, you are required to choose your stake and gun from a list of selections. There will be a few options for the players to select depending on how many guns they want to activate. Players can choose to activate one to four guns at once depending on the fishing games they are playing in. The more guns you activate, the more money is required to shoot each round of bullet or net. Once the game starts, all you have to do is start aiming at your targets and click on the fishes twice in order to shoot and hit them. In fishing games, whenever a fish is caught, the prizes will be multiplied by the number of fish and also the number of canons. Keen to know more about fishing games? Join 1winslot on this adventurous game to find out more!


There’s a lot of features that can help players maximize their payout in these fishing casino games. The fishing games are designed to suit all levels of players. These games provide professional and easy-to-use fishing gears, nets, fish finders, guns, and water bombs. Besides, there will be a fishing season in these games. When a giant amount of fishes swims into your screen, this is the lucky time for you to fill up your bank account. With every one extra fish caught, your payout will already be increased. On top of that, it’s really easy!

These fishing games are so simple that everyone can play. All you got to do is shoot as many fishes as you can and start earning money. And the best part? Players are able to cash out the money that they have won anytime they want. Players can always seek for help using the live chat function. Get your senses ready and start fishing at 1winslot.